P 9000 table lock

So that your safety is always guaranteed.

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Airlock P 9000

The airlock is used for the transfer of large quantities of money, parcels or suitcases and is mainly used in national central banks and large banks as well as in computer centres. The lock is mounted on the existing counter - it is equipped with two lifting windows made of bullet-proof glass that open alternately upwards. The windows are electrically operated. A safety circuit prevents injury and damage - the lifting windows are equipped with appropriate protective strips.


Features of the P 9000 table top airlock

  • Installation: Countertop installation indoors
  • External dimensions: W 1460 mm, D 954 mm, H 1950 mm
  • Delivery dimensions: W 1200 mm, D 640 mm, H 840 mm

Designing a P 9000 table lock

  • Design: according to the client's needs

P 9000 decision class table separation

  • Fire class: UVV cash registers, up to FB 7